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Keep your website policies up to date whenever the laws change.

Offer your web designer audience a free forever special with this 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday ($198/yr value). Receive $20 for each successful signup (limit 500).

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About Termageddon:

What is Termageddon? 

Termageddon helps businesses generate website policies that are required by privacy and consumer rights laws. For $99/yr, a customer can generate a set of policies for their website, including a Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Disclaimer, and receive automatic updates to their policies whenever the laws change.

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Over 4,000 web agencies have been vetted and approved to Termageddon’s partner program!

Avoid privacy-related fines and lawsuits.

If your website has a contact form, you need to have a Privacy Policy in place and keep it up to date as new disclosures become required by law.

Several privacy laws already exist and protect the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of individuals. Over a dozen more states have proposed their own unique privacy laws, and several of them will enable citizens to sue businesses, of any size and location, simply for having a contact form without a compliant Privacy Policy.

What makes Termageddon special?

  1. Auto-updating website policies. After you generate your policies for your website, we monitor privacy laws, notify you of changes, and can even push updates to your policies with new disclosures as they become required by new or amended privacy laws.
  2. Recognized by the largest privacy organization ( 3 years in a row as a trusted tech vendor.
  3. Termageddon’s Cofounder and President serves as the Chair of the American Bar Association’s ePrivacy Committee, where she helps provide guidance to US legislators on how to write privacy laws.

Why talk about Termageddon with your audience?

  1. Privacy Policies are required by law. Virtually every website collects regulated information (names, email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, etc), meaning that the website owner may be required by law (or multiple privacy laws) to provide a Privacy Policy with specific disclosures.
  2. Templates are not compliant. Most small business owners think a Privacy Policy template is still a good idea. Templates are not compliant and do not update when the laws change (article: why Privacy Policy templates are a terrible idea).
  3. Termageddon is easy to set up, comprehensive, and keeps your policies up to date when new or amended privacy laws require new disclosures.
  4. Updates will become required by law in the US. Over a dozen privacy bills have been proposed in the US, and if passed, many of these privacy laws will allow consumers to sue businesses for collecting their personal information without proper Privacy Policy disclosures. 
  5. Updates will become required wordlwide. Existing privacy laws in Canada, UK and Australia are currently being re-evaluated. If these laws change, that may require updates to a business’s Privacy Policy page. 
  6. Agency focused. Termageddon offers web design freelancers and agencies (as well as business law firms) a complimentary set of policies for their own website, plus the ability to resell or refer the solution to their clients if they like what they see. Termageddon is a great way for agencies to generate a new recurring revenue stream.

This year’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday offer:

About the deal:

two free licenses for web design agencies and freelancersWeb design agencies and freelancers can apply to become an agency partner and receive not one, but TWO complimentary Termageddon licenses ($198/yr value). They can use one license for their own agency website and resell (or gift) the other to a client for $99/yr. If the agency likes the product, they can use Termageddon’s reseller or affiliate programs to recommend their clients to Termageddon and make a new recurring revenue stream for their agency. 

The referring party (influencers, bloggers, etc) will receive $20 for each agency that signs up and is approved for the two free licenses! This deal is limited to the first 500 signups.

Deal link:

If you are signing up for affiliate commissions (info below), you will be provided with a custom landing page URL.

Availability dates:

Start date: Friday, November 26th, 2021

End date: Monday, November 29th, 2021

You can list the deal as ‘available now’ if you are setting up your blog to be available prior to Black Friday.

Primary target market:

Web design freelancers and web design agencies. 

Requirements to become an approved agency partner

Example copy:

1. Web design freelancers and agencies: 2 FREE Termageddon licenses ($198/yr value)

Web agencies that apply receive TWO free sets of Termageddon’s auto-updating policies. No credit card required. Use one set to protect your agency website. Offer your other set to a client. If you like the product, you can suggest Termageddon’s auto-updating policy solution to your clients so they get protected, and you get a new recurring revenue stream. Limited to first 500 approved applications. Take advantage of this deal right now!

2. Two FREE Termageddon licenses (No credit card required)

*This promotion is only for web design freelancers and agencies.* Click the button below and apply to become a Termageddon agency partner and receive TWO complimentary licenses. Free forever, no credit card required ($198/yr value). Limited deal: 500 total – apply now!

3. Two FREE sets of auto-updating Privacy Policies

*This promotion is only for web design freelancers and agencies.* Click the button below and apply to become a Termageddon agency partner and receive TWO complimentary licenses. Free forever, no credit card required ($198/yr value). Limited to first 500 approved applications. Apply now!

4. Two free Termageddon licenses ($198/yr value)

Calling all web design freelancers and agencies! Termageddon, the ultimate auto-updating Privacy Policy generator, is giving away two complimentary licenses to each agency who applies to be an agency partner on their 2021 Black Friday / Cyber Monday landing page. Free forever, no credit card required. If you build websites for a living, apply with the link below and you’ll receive two of their licenses. If you like what you see, you can use Termageddon’s reseller or affiliate program to generate a new recurring stream while helping your clients get protected.

5. Web designers only: 100% off Termageddon ($198/yr)

If you are a web design freelancer or agency, now’s your chance to get two free licenses from Termageddon. Termageddon is a website policies generator that monitors privacy laws, notifies you of changes, and then can even automatically update your policies with new disclosures as they become required by new/amended laws. Reseller and affiliate programs are available if you like their product and want to recommend the solution to your clients!

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Affiliate information:

If you want to display the Termageddon special without receiving commissions, then you can use the generic 2 license giveaway deal URL.  If you do want to receive commissions for the referrals you send to Termageddon, please read the information below.

Compensation to affiliates:

Receive $20 each time an agency/freelancer you refer to us is approved to Termageddon’s agency partner program. Limit to first 500 applicants that are approved. Click here to view our guidelines for approving an agency partner.

Payout options:

  1. Paypal (preferred – instant notification)
  2. Check by mail (5+ days to receive)

Payouts will be submitted on December 20th. 

(Optional Bonus) Receive a free Termageddon license for your own website(s) simply for posting our deal!  Each Termageddon license includes a Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Disclaimer.

Unique landing page:

Each affiliate will be provided a custom landing page for each of their websites.

For example, if your website is, your landing page will be:

If you have multiple websites, we’ll create a landing page for each website. If you have multiple websites and prefer one landing page, please note this in the ‘comments’ section when filling out the affiliate form below.

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