Consumer rights provided under the Australia Privacy Act of 1988

The Australia Privacy Act, like most privacy laws across the world, provides certain rights to consumers regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of their personal information by another entity. This article will explain what those consumer rights are so that businesses know that they need to include these rights in … Read more

Transferring data outside of Australia

The Australia Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles (AAPs) regulates how personal information is handled by private entities with an annual turnover of at least AU $3 million, and all Commonwealth Government agencies. The Privacy Act and the APPs will apply to any APP entity that is established … Read more

Who does the Australia Privacy Act of 1988 apply to?

The Australia Privacy Act of 1988 regulates the way in which business entities and federal government agencies must handle personal information. There are thirteen Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) enumerated in the Privacy Act. “APP entities” must comply with the Privacy Act. This article will examine who qualifies as an “APP … Read more

Australia Privacy Act 1988 Guide

The Australia Privacy Act 1988 is a privacy law that was enacted to protect the personal information and privacy rights of Australians online. This law requires certain websites to have a Privacy Policy that makes specific disclosures and provides Australians with privacy rights that website operators must respect. In this … Read more