Terms of Service for an eCommerce website

A Terms of Service (also referred to as a Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use, TOS or T&C) is a statement that details the rules of using your website. Virtually any website can benefit from a Terms of Service as it can help answer frequently asked customer questions about purchases, … Read more

What is a Terms of Service agreement?

If you have made a purchase online, signed up for an account, submitted a contact form, or simply visited a websites, chances are that you have seen or agreed to a Terms of Service. You may have also asked yourself: what is a Terms of Service agreement? Or you may … Read more

Can you copy Terms of Service?

If you have a website, you should have a Terms of Service on that website to help protect your business from various liabilities and costs. Terms of Service, also referred to as Terms and Conditions or Terms of Use, is a statement that details the rules of using your website. … Read more

Privacy Policy vs. Terms and Conditions

If you have been paying attention, you have probably noticed that most websites that you visit have a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions (also referred to as a Terms of Service or a Terms of Use). You have probably also asked yourself what these documents are, how they differ … Read more

Why real estate agents need a DMCA notice

As a real estate agent, your website may allow visitors to search listings for properties through IDX. This allows users to search for listings, property details and, most importantly, allows users to view photographs of the listings. Since this information is accessible through your website, it may land you in … Read more

Terms and Conditions vs. Terms of Service

If you’ve ever dealt with a lawyer (sorry), you know that we love our legal jargon. It makes us feel special. And the more jargon we use, the more special we feel. Kind of like the sole dog at a party. The labels “Terms and Conditions” and “Terms of Service” … Read more

Clickwrap vs. Browsewrap: Why Placement Matters

The main question that courts ask regarding whether a policy is enforceable is if the visitor actually agreed to the policy. When it comes to showing agreement to online policies by the visitor, there are two ways in which you can place policies: clickwrap or browsewrap. While it may appear … Read more

The Importance of Terms and Conditions

If the HumanCentiPad taught us anything, it’s that Terms and Conditions are important. Terms and Conditions or, sometimes referred to as Terms of Service, are a legal contract between you, the website or application operator and the visitor or user. Terms and Conditions state the rules. What are some advantages … Read more