Setting up Termageddon on a GatsbyJS/ReactJS WebApp

Introduction Laws about how to conduct business online are always changing. It’s become increasingly difficult for businesses to navigate the landscape of what their websites should adhere to without assistance from third parties, this is where Termageddon comes in.  Modern websites are far from simple though. Many developers are now … Read more

Manual overrides on policies: action required by 9/15/19

You have probably heard that there are some new privacy laws that are going into effect soon, such as the Nevada privacy law (effective date: October 1st, 2019) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (effective date: January 1st, 2020).  We will be updating your Privacy Policy shortly to make sure … Read more

How we update your policies: part 1

I was probably the most annoying kid on the planet – literally always asking “why” and “how”. To the general dismay of everyone around me, I wanted to know how everything worked, from electricity to bees. How do you explain to a child what is inside of a bee in … Read more

What the f*@#k does _____ mean?

Ah lawyers and our endless tirade of terminology. When will we have enough? “NEVER” we shout off of the rooftops of nondescript office buildings! However, since there are some terms on Termageddon that may be new to some of you, we thought that we should probably define some of them. … Read more