Why accessibility is important when it comes to cookie consent

End-user consent is the future of the digital economy, there’s no doubt. The world’s major data privacy laws, like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), have made it an obligation for anyone who processes personal data to first obtain the explicit consent of the end-users, whose data is being … Read more

Why is it important to use an EU-based cookie consent solution?

The European Union is the world leader in data privacy law, empowering over 447 million EU residents with strong protection of user data based on prior consent. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect for four years, meaning businesses and organizations have had four years to … Read more

Privacy rights request email

Termageddon customers,  Update on December 23, 2021: The email noted above seems to have come from the Princeton-Radbound Study on Privacy Law Implementation. The Principal Investigator of the study admitted to sending these emails as part of a study and has specifically stated that they are not legitimate requests and … Read more

5 Reasons to Avoid Privacy Policy Templates

What is a compliant Privacy Policy? A compliant Privacy Policy is a policy listed on your website (or online platform) where you provide the exact disclosures you are required to make under the privacy laws you are required to comply with. Privacy Policies are required under multiple privacy laws, with … Read more

Using Termageddon with Shopify Websites

Using Termageddon with a Shopify website is easy. The procedure is very similar to embedding a policy on a WordPress site except you will be doing this within your Shopify dashboard. Something to note before we begin. Shopify provides a built-in area for legal policies. Although Termageddon doesn’t work directly … Read more

Setting up Termageddon on a GatsbyJS/ReactJS WebApp

Introduction Laws about how to conduct business online are always changing. It’s become increasingly difficult for businesses to navigate the landscape of what their websites should adhere to without assistance from third parties, this is where Termageddon comes in.  Modern websites are far from simple though. Many developers are now … Read more

How we update your policies: part 1

I was probably the most annoying kid on the planet – literally always asking “why” and “how”. To the general dismay of everyone around me, I wanted to know how everything worked, from electricity to bees. How do you explain to a child what is inside of a bee in … Read more

What the f*@#k does _____ mean?

Ah lawyers and our endless tirade of terminology. When will we have enough? “NEVER” we shout off of the rooftops of nondescript office buildings! However, since there are some terms on Termageddon that may be new to some of you, we thought that we should probably define some of them. … Read more