Hello, fellow Influencers!

You have found this page most likely because Hans and/or Donata asked you to be an advocate for Termageddon. We’d love for you to share with your audience how Termageddon is helping web agencies protect their own business (with a free set of policies) while helping their clients get protected while making a new recurring revenue stream.

Apply below to become an agency influencer. We will review your application, and once approved, we will reach out to you with a compensation proposal (fixed and/or recurring).

Why should you consider being an influencer?

Now is a great time to share the Termageddon solution with your audience. There are multiple privacy laws that require websites to have a Privacy Policy and more states are proposing new privacy laws that will require business owners to update their policies to avoid fines and lawsuits. Help your web agency users save the day for their clients!

  1. Termageddon’s the only Privacy Policy Generator listed as a trusted vendor by the largest privacy organization in the world, the International Assocation of Privacy Professionals.
  2. With Termageddon, agencies can generate and set up an auto-updating policy in less than 15 minutes. They can even share each license with their client so that their client gets notified when the laws are changing.
  3. Help web agencies make an additional recurring revenue stream by discussing termageddon’s reseller and affiliate programs.

Who qualifies to be an influencer?

People or businesses that have web agency owners as clients and/or fans. This can include podcasters, bloggers, social media influencers, companies, the list goes on. If you work with with web agency owners, we want to talk!

What’s the difference between this and the agency program?

This program pays users to refer web agency owners, whereas the agency program pays web agency owners for referring/reselling Termageddon to their clients. Influencers are only asked to help web agencies register to get a free set of policies from Termageddon.

How to make the most of this program:

Have us on your podcast! Have us write a guest blog post! Share our services on your social media accounts. Connect us via email! Send a ‘gift’ newsletter to your agency user base, saying how they can get a completely free set of policies with Termageddon. Not sure what to say? Once approved, we’ll provide you with more materials to communicate the importance of web agency owners getting compliant with data privacy laws.

Two ways to become an influencer:

Pick the option that works the best for you!

Option #1

Get one-time $20 payment for each agency signup.

To do this, simply tell your web agency partner to mention your promo code in the ‘how did you hear about us?’ field of the agency application form. You can find your promo code by clicking the ‘promoter’ tab in your Termageddon dashboard. You will receive a one-time payment of $20 for each approved agency signup and the agency will receive a promo code for 10% off their first order (if they decide to resell the service). Be sure to tell them to visit the ‘agency partners’ page of Termageddon and fill out the form at the bottom.

Option #2

Receive 10% recurring commissions on all sales from referred agency partners.

This is an application – We only approve users that we believe can reasonably refer at least 10 agency owners to Termageddon.

1. Register with a new email address here(You may need to first log out of your Termageddon dashboard to view the form on that page).

2. Book a ‘setup call’ with me here.

3. During our call, we will develop a promo code & landing page for your agency referrals.

4. All agencies that sign up through your form will be assigned as a ‘sub-affiliate‘ to your FirstPromoter account.

5. You will receive 10% recurring commissions from the sales of those agencies, whether they purchase licenses themselves or use the affiliate program.

Thank you for working with us!