The Internet is great because there are so many choices! Does your website need a Privacy Policy? Here’s a bunch of vendors that you can choose from to fill that need. The Internet is also not so great because of how many choices you are presented with. It can get confusing and take a lot of time to choose which Privacy Policy generator is right for you. One of the names that you may have come across is Termly and you may be wondering, what is the difference between Termly and Termageddon? We both have “term” in our name! Here’s the real difference between Termly and Termageddon – on October 1st, 2019, Nevada’s privacy law amendment, SB220 went into effect. We updated our clients’ Privacy Policies a few weeks before then to ensure that they are compliant on day one. Termly picked up on this news on October 17th, 2019, creating a post that mentioned that Nevada is about to pass a privacy law. Unfortunately, this “news” came to Termly about 17 days too late and they have not yet released any news on updating their clients’ Privacy Policies. Want to make sure that your Privacy Policy really updates on time (prior to the law going into effect)? Termageddon is the name of the game. Here are a few other differences that you may find interesting:


Termly Termageddon
Pricing Free plan that includes a Privacy Policy. 

Paid plan of $20/month that includes all policies. 

$10/month or $99/year for all of the policies. 
Policies offered  Privacy Policy

Terms of Service


Return Policy

Privacy Policy

Terms of Service (includes Return Policy)


End User License Agreements

Used for  Websites Websites, blogs, e-commerce stores, digital services, Facebook apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, and SaaS apps.
Support  Phone or email

Support by phone not available in the free plan

Phone, email or chat
Automatic updates Yes but not on time?  Yes
Headquarters Dover, DE Chicago, IL

As you can see from the above chart, Termageddon offers a more economical solution, offers more ways to ask questions and offers automatically updating policies that update before the law goes into effect. We hope that you choose Termageddon to stay compliant!

Protect yo’ self,

Team Termageddon