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MainWP and Termageddon have partnered up to give users an auto-updating Privacy Policy solution.

MainWP users that apply receive TWO free sets of our auto-updating policies. No credit card required. If you like our product, purchase additional licenses for your other websites! If you are an agency, you can suggest Termageddon’s auto-updating policy solution to your clients so they get protected, and you get a new recurring revenue stream. Reseller and affiliate programs are available!

Collecting regulated data (names, emails, etc.) may mean that you’re required to have a Privacy Policy with specific disclosures required under multiple privacy laws.

Use Termageddon to help identify the privacy laws that apply to you, generate the disclosures required under these laws, and receive updates whenever these laws change (or when new ones go into effect).

All the policies you need for compliance!

A single license protects your website, online store, or web/mobile application with a simple to use generator for Privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions documents, End User License Agreements, and Disclaimers.

Compliant with laws across the globe!




Australia Privacy Act

UK DPA 2018

Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 603A



Privacy Policy

How you collect, use, and disclose personally identifiable information.

Terms & Conditions

A statement that details the rules of using your website.

Cookie Policy

A Cookie Policy explains the types of cookies you use on your website.

Cookie Consent

Properly collect consent from a user prior to putting cookies on their browser

End User License Agreement

Agreement between a software vendor and a user of that software.


Limits the liabilities that a website owner may be responsible for.

Every Agency Should Care About Privacy

Since you build websites with contact forms for your clients, you should tell your clients about the importance of Privacy Policies

Be Proactive

It makes you look proactive and professional rather than reactive and unprepared.  Don’t wait for them to ask you what they should do for one.

Protect Your Agency

If a client of yours gets sued for not having a Privacy Policy on their website, and you never suggested one to them, who do you think they’re going to go after?  It’s simple: suggest a Privacy Policy because it’s easy and it protects your agency from being liable.

Improve Client Retention

Clients go to you for advice and expertise.  Providing little suggestions like this speak volumes to clients.

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The Only Privacy Policy Generator Focused on Agencies

We are proud to be the only website policy generator focused entirely on agency partnerships with over 4,000 agencies already onboard!

Free Set of Policies for You

You get a set of auto-updating policies for your own agency’s website. Free forever. No CC required.

Wholesale Rates & Affiliate Program

Access wholesale rates to generate recurring revenues or use our affiliate program (where we pay you).

Sales & Education Training

Access sell sheets, marketing material, webinars and more — all to help educate your clients and make the sale.

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We help digital agencies scale their recurring revenue!

Web agencies receive a free set of policies so you can try our solution with no limits and no strings attached. If you love it as much as we think you will, you can become a Termageddon reseller to help protect your client's websites and earn recurring revenue!

MainWP Users:

Apply today for TWO free sets of auto-updating policies.

A license includes one auto-updating Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Disclaimer and End User License Agreement. Please note: Termageddon provides compatibility for GDPR, UK DPA 2018, PIPEDA etc, but we are currently only compatible with businesses formed in the US, UK and Canada.

No credit card required. Please give us a few hours to review your registration for approval. If you like what you see, refer us to your clients so that they get protected while you make some additional recurring revenue.