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Everyone’s Disclaimer Needs Are Unique.

Although not needed for all websites, a Disclaimer is a critical document for many types of websites that helps you limit your liability. 

Whether you advertise third party products or service, sell or display health products, participate in an affiliate program, provide health and fitness advice, or provide information that could be seen by others as legal advice, a Disclaimer is a great way to protect your website and business. 

Help protect your business from liability with our easy-to-use custom Disclaimer generator.

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Many Types of Websites Require a Disclaimer

Your website requires a disclaimer if it does any of the following:

Advertises third-party products or services

Displays or sells health products

Provides affiliate links

Provides health & fitness advice

Provides information that could be seen as legal advice

Complete Setup in 3 Simple Steps

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2. Answer Questions

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3. Copy & Paste

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Your strategic advantage to helping keep your website compliant

With Termageddon, you can not only generate a Disclaimer to help deny responsibility for statements made on your website, but you do so in less than 10 minutes! This simple document can help limit your liability in many ways too.

Everything you need for your Disclaimer

  • Advertisement for third party products or services Disclaimer;
  • Health products Disclaimer; 
  • Affiliate program Disclaimer; 
  • Health, medical and fitness advice Disclaimer; 
  • Not legal advice Disclaimer.

Easy updates

If you change the features on your website or join additional affiliate programs, for example, you can easily update your Disclaimer through your Termageddon account. The moment you make changes, your Disclaimer will be updated on your website, just like with all other Termageddon policies! 

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A Cookie Policy explains the types of cookies you use on your website.

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Properly collect consent from a user prior to putting cookies on their browser.

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Agreement between a software vendor and a user of that software.

Disclaimer Generator

Limits the liabilities that a website owner may be responsible for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Disclaimer?

A Disclaimer is a statement that limits the liabilities that a website owner may be responsible for due to the website.

Why do websites need a Disclaimer?

Having a Disclaimer will help you: 

Advertise third party products or services – a Disclaimer will help you protect yourself if a user clicks on the third party advertisement and gets a virus or is somehow injured by the product or service. 

Sell or display health products – a Disclaimer will help you protect yourself in this case if the health products do not work as they should, do not deliver the results that were expected or if the user gets injured by the health products. 

Participate in an affiliate program – an affiliate program is a program whereby you list a particular link on your website and, if the user clicks on that link or purchases the product that the link displays, you receive money from the manufacturer of that product. A Disclaimer will help you comply with the manufacturer’s Terms and Conditions and will help you keep the trust of the people visiting your website. 

Provide health, medical and fitness advice – a Disclaimer will protect you in case the user gets injured after following your health and fitness advice, much like the beginning of those exercise videos that you will watch in January of next year. 

Provide information that could be seen by others as legal advice – a Disclaimer will protect you by stating that there is no attorney-client relationship here and that the advice that you provide on your website is not legal advice, thus protecting you in case something goes wrong. 

Which websites need a Disclaimer?

Websites need a Disclaimer if they provide any information that could be seen as health or legal advice, offer affiliate links, display third party advertisements or sell health products

What is a Disclaimer generator?

A Disclaimer generator is a software that asks you questions about your website and business practices  and then creates a customized Disclaimer based on your needs and answers.

Disclaimer generators vs. Disclaimer templates

With thousands of Disclaimer templates available online, it may be tempting to grab a free template, put it on a website and call it a day. Unfortunately, this may not be the best choice for your business as a Disclaimer template is a static document that is not customized to what your business needs and does not take into account your specific processes. Disclaimer templates may also be written incorrectly and may not be compliant with current laws or consumer protection requirements.

Disclaimer generators vs. attorneys

If you can afford an attorney to draft your Disclaimer and monitor laws for you, that is the best route to go for your business. 

With that said, most small business owners can’t afford to pay thousands in legal fees just for a website policy, let alone pay ongoing for monitoring.   That is where Disclaimer generators come into play. Disclaimer generators are a cost effective alternative to an attorney.  The benefit is significant cost savings (and usually a much faster policy generation process), but the downside is that Disclaimer generators do not provide legal advice.  

If you decide to use a Disclaimer generator for your website, you should consider looking at who is behind the company to verify their credentials. And you should also make sure to work with a generator that is attorney friendly, so that your attorney can customize your policies however they wish, usually keeping costs significantly down when compared to writing the policy from scratch.

What are the consequences for not having a Disclaimer on a website?

The lack of a Disclaimer can leave your business at risk of lawsuits and heightened liability in case of a dispute.

Is Termageddon a legal services provider?

Although Termageddon was founded and is run by a licensed attorney, it is important to understand that Termageddon is not a legal services provider. This is what allows us to offer our tool at an affordable and accessible price to small businesses!

If you are looking for legal services, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to connect you with a Termageddon law firm partner or another attorney.

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