alternative: Termageddon

Imagine that you have old pipes in your house that need replacing because there’s water leaking everywhere. You call a plumber who says that he’ll come to your house and install new pipes and have you taken care of for free. Deal of a lifetime! Of course you say yes! … Read more

Termly alternative: Termageddon

The Internet is great because there are so many choices! Does your website need a Privacy Policy? Here’s a bunch of vendors that you can choose from to fill that need. The Internet is also not so great because of how many choices you are presented with. It can get … Read more

Termsfeed Alternative: Termageddon

Termsfeed: hey Joe! Would you like some free ice cream? Joe: oh boy would I! Termsfeed: here you go, here’s some melted vanilla ice cream for you. Joe: Ummm can I get ice cream that’s in the proper and delicious physical state – cold? Termsfeed: sure! That’ll be $5. Joe: … Read more

Iubenda Alternative: Termageddon

As anyone who has bought a prom dress online knows, the internet is littered with deceptively good deals. We don’t want you to lose your chance to hook up during prom with a dress that looks like something that just came out of a dingy basement. Thus, we are providing … Read more