Use an End User License Agreement generator to protect your software from lawsuits and liability

What is an End User License Agreement (EULA)?

An End User License Agreement or an EULA is an agreement between a software vendor and a user of that software that spells out the rules of using the software.

Why does software need an End User License Agreement (EULA)?

Having an End User License Agreement will help you:

  1. Limit your liability;
  2. Protect your intellectual property;
  3. Maintain control over your software by restricting certain uses or activities.

EULA Generator is included with every Termageddon license.

The Termageddon End User License Agreement generator can be used for:

Mobile applications;
Desktop applications;
Facebook applications; and
SaaS applications.


  1. All compliance and clauses included. Full protection for one price;
  2. Written and reviewed by real contracts and technology attorneys.
  3. Set up takes only 15 minutes or less.
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What does the End User License Agreement include?

Warranty clause;
Licensing rights clause;
Limitation of liability clause;
Dispute resolution and venue clause.

What is an End User License Agreement generator?

An EULA generator is a software that asks you questions about your website and then creates a customized EULA based on your needs and answers.

EULA generator vs. template

With thousands of End User License Agreement templates available online, it may be tempting to grab a free template, put it on your website and call it a day. Unfortunately, this may not be a best choice for your business as an EULA template is a static document that is not customized to what your business needs and does not take into account your specific processes. EULA templates may also be written incorrectly and may not be compliant with current laws or consumer protection requirements.

EULA generator vs. attorney

While attorneys are a great solution for large businesses with large budgets, the truth is that the service of having an attorney write your EULA is often too expensive for small businesses and startups. Termageddon’s policies have been written and reviewed by contracts and technology attorneys so you know that you are getting the best of both worlds – a comprehensive EULA at an affordable cost.

Generate your End User License Agreement today