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Not all cookie consents are created equal!

Whether you call it a cookie consent banner or wall, privacy tool or popup, notification or management platform, having one on your website can help you achieve compliance with privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive in Europe and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA).

Each Termageddon license includes a cookie consent solution, which is powered by Usercentrics and their Consent Management Platform (CMP). Simply answer the Privacy Policy generator questionnaire to determine if you are required to have a cookie consent solution in place, and if so, you will be prompted to activate it. Paste the resulting embed code into your website’s header and you are ready to go! Please note, if your website consistently exceeds 20,000 website sessions in a month, you will be prompted to upgrade to a paid Usercentrics subscription.

Usercentrics is EU based (important for GDPR), WCAG 2.1 AA certified, and powers nearly a million websites! 

Websites & Blogs

Online Stores

Modern Website & Application Features Require Cookie Consent

Give your visitors control over how they are tracked on your website.


Video Embeds

Ad performance tracking


Essential cookies

Complete Setup in 3 Simple Steps

Getting your website protected with Termageddon is simple!

1. Buy a License

Buy one license, which includes a set of policies to protect one website.

2. Answer Questions

Answer some questions about your business and website.

3. Copy & Paste

Copy and paste the embed code into the body of the policy page.

Your strategic advantage to helping keep your website compliant

With Termageddon, you’re not only generating a cookie consent solution, but you are also establishing a strategy to keep your policy up to date over time.

Everything is included!

  • Scanner to help you identify your website cookies
  • GDPR coverage
  • UK DPA coverage
  • ePrivacy Directive coverage
  • PIPEDA coverage 
  • CPRA coverage (opt out of sales of personal information button)
  • True opt in and opt out (no placebo cookie banners here!)
  • Up to 20,000 user sessions per month (Usercentrics plans are available for high volume websites)

We cover it all

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • United Kingdom Data Protection Act 2018 (UK DPA 2018)
  • ePrivacy Directive
  • Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
  • California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)

Ongoing monitoring for future regulations

Like Termageddon, Usercentrics monitors privacy laws and regulations and will update your cookie consent solution when changes occur.

Tens of thousands of happy customers.

Trusted as the best Cookie Consent Solution for digital agencies, web designers, law firms, website owners across the globe!

“I recommend Termageddon to my Customers and legal colleagues, because they are the only Terms of Use, Privacy, and Cookie Consent generator I know that not only maintains up-to-date EU & UK GDPR, Canada, Australia (international) policies, but U.S., state specific changes which are numerous and changing on almost a daily basis.”

Rian Kinney

Privacy & Tech Attorney

“My partnership with Termageddon has been a great experience for both myself and my clients. As a web designer, I’m excited to now have a trusted and efficient source to refer my clients to for their disclaimer policies. Hans and Donata are knowledgeable and provide amazing customer service. Highly recommended!” 

Kayla Francis

The Kayflower Collective

“Termageddon is my GO-TO privacy policy generator that I recommend to ALL of my clients! For $99, you can’t beat the peace of mind and security knowing you are protected now and whenever the law changes. It’s a No Brainer!”

Charra Hammett

Owner, YourSiteNeedsMe

“There are very few vendors I can recommend without hesitation — and Termageddon is at the top of that list. When it comes to policies, I don’t want to have to think about it… and with Termageddon, I don’t have to! On behalf of our 5,000+ member community; Thank you!” 

Kyle Van Deusen

The Admin Bar

Kyle Van Deusen, The Admin Bar

One license, All the policies you need!

For just $10 per month (or $99 per year) your license gives you access to all of our tools, generators, and policies!

Privacy Policy Generator

How you collect, use, and disclose personally identifiable information.

Terms & Conditions Generator

A statement that details the rules of using your website.

Cookie Policy Generator

A Cookie Policy explains the types of cookies you use on your website.

Cookie Consent Solution

Properly collect consent from a user prior to putting cookies on their browser.

End User License Agreement Generator

Agreement between a software vendor and a user of that software.

Disclaimer Generator

Limits the liabilities that a website owner may be responsible for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there limits on the complimentary Usercentrics license?

Yes, up to 20,000 website sessions per month. If you exceed 20,000 sessions per month, you will be contacted by Termageddon to upgrade to a paid Usercentrics plan.

Will the cookie consent solution remain on the website if I exceed 20,000 sessions?

Yes, you will be notified if you exceed the session limit and will have several weeks to upgrade your plan. If you do not upgrade your plan within a reasonable time, then you will be notified that your cookie consent solution will be deactivated.

My website doesn’t have 20,000 sessions but it may in the future. What should I do?

Great! You can get started with the complementary Usercentrics cookie consent solution that is included with each Termageddon subscription. When your website starts to exceed 20,000 sessions in a month, you will receive a request to upgrade to a larger plan at that time.

Is a cookie consent solution required by law?

Some privacy laws require user consent prior to enabling cookies that are not essential to the operation of the website, if they collect users’ personal information, such as IP addresses. To comply with these laws, you may be required to obtain website visitors’ consent prior to the collection of this personal information, and store this information securely. 

Upon purchasing your subscription and answering the Privacy Policy questionnaire, the Termageddon questionnaire will alert you if you should consider adding a cookie consent solution to your website. You will then be able to activate your cookie consent license and add the embed code onto your website.

For example, if your website performs any of the following actions and any of your website visitors reside in the European Union and European Economic Area, you need to obtain these visitors’ consent when they first visit your website:

  • processing personal data for purposes like remarketing, content personalization, behavioral advertising, analytics, email marketing
  • automated decision-making, e.g. profiling
  • transfer of data overseas: mostly applicable to organizations processing EU citizens’ data outside of the EU
  • processing special categories of data: such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data

How does Usercentrics identify tracking on my website?

The Usercentrics Consent Management Platform (CMP), which powers the cookie consent solution, detects the outgoing request URLs and maps them to what we call a “service”. For example, we know that a request to the URL “” is a request for the service “YouTube” and will block the request automatically if the user has not given consent for the YouTube service via the CMP.

The same logic applies to many different third-party technologies, like tracking and retargeting scripts.

Can I reclassify tracking codes to other categories?

Yes. After the initial setup is complete, you can always change the categories of your services in your settings in the dashboard. You have the following options:

Essential: These services are essential for the site to work. These may be services such as a CDN, shopping cart, or browser language selection.

Functional: These services are used to extend the functionality of the site. These may be services such as video or map integration.

Marketing: These services are used primarily for marketing and tracking. These may be services such as analytics or retargeting.

How will the Usercentrics CMP affect my analytics data if the user does not consent?

If a user has not consented to a certain service, e.g. Google Analytics, the CMP prevents the execution of that particular script. As a result, the number of visitors in your statistics may decrease slightly after implementation.

How do I add or remove technologies to my CMP configuration?

When you add new third-party technologies to your website, you can rescan the site to detect any cookies that have been added, or add them manually if you wish. This can quickly be done by visiting the Cookie policy and consent tool section within your Termageddon account.

When you remove a third-party technology, you can simply delete the service from your CMP configuration by going to your cookie consent solution questionnaire and clicking Delete next to the service that you have removed from your site.

What if I add technologies using custom code?

You can manually add the service by visiting the Cookie policy and consent tool section within your Termageddon account. Here, you can rescan your website or manually add any services. 

If you are using Usercentrics’ autoblocking solution, this article explains how to support custom code:

What if I use a Tag Manager to add my third-party technologies?

Whether you are using third-party technologies directly on your website or through a Tag Manager, the Usercentrics cookie consent solution will detect outgoing requests as soon as they happen, while blocking the execution of those scripts until the user has provided consent.

Will the automatic blocking of third-party technologies affect my site performance?

In terms of page speed, the automatic blocking of third-party technologies will not negatively affect your site’s performance. The blocking of those technologies can even speed up your site, as fewer files have to be requested and transferred to your users.

Will I be able to see stats and run ad campaigns when third-party technologies are blocked?

Yes, the only difference may be that your analytics tools will only have data on users that consented to it, and your ads will only be visible to users that have opted in.

What will be displayed instead of blocked elements such as YouTube videos?

For certain visual elements, e.g. YouTube videos, Google maps, Soundcloud embeddings, etc., the Usercentrics CMP will display a placeholder instead of the actual content, which will show an opt-in request to users in order to enable them to interact with the content. This is a large part of Usercentrics’ effort to optimize opt-in rates based on contextual consent layers along the user journey.

Is the Usercentrics cookie consent solution available for websites only?

Although Usercentrics provides its cookie consent solution for both websites and apps, the complementary Usercentrics license available within Termageddon is for websites only. If you have an app in need of a cookie consent solution, we recommend contacting Usercentrics directly.

Additional Resources

For frequently asked questions, see other Usercentrics resources, see

Is Termageddon a legal services provider?

Although Termageddon was founded and is run by a licensed attorney, it is important to understand that Termageddon is not a legal services provider. This is what allows us to offer our tool at an affordable and accessible price to small businesses!

If you are looking for legal services, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to connect you with a Termageddon law firm partner or another attorney.

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