Static Privacy Policy Templates are Dead.
Help your clients get protected with an auto-updating Privacy Policy solution.

Web agencies receive a free set of policies in the hopes they like it and resell or refer it to their clients. Your clients get protected and you make more recurring revenues.

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Avoid privacy-related fines and lawsuits.

If your website has a contact form, you need to have a Privacy Policy in place and keep it up to date as new disclosures become required by law.

Several privacy laws already exist and protect the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of its citizens. Over a dozen more states have proposed their own unique privacy laws, and several of them will enable citizens to sue businesses, of any size and location, simply for having a contact form without a compliant Privacy Policy.

Why your agency should care.

Since you build websites with contact forms for your clients, here’s why you should tell your clients about the importance of Privacy Policies:

  1. It makes you look proactive and professional rather than reactive and unprepared.  Don’t wait for them to ask you what they should do for one.
  2. Protect your agency.  If a client of yours gets sued for not having a Privacy Policy on their website, and you never suggested one to them, who do you think they’re going to go after?  It’s simple: suggest a Privacy Policy because it’s easy and it protects your agency from being liable.
  3. Improve client retention and loyalty. Clients go to you for advice and expertise.  Providing little suggestions like this speak volumes to clients.

Why work with Termageddon

We are proud to be the only website policy generator focused entirely on agency partnerships.

  1. You get a set of auto-updating policies for your own agency’s website. Free forever. No CC required.
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  3. Access sell sheets & marketing material to help educate your clients. We are happy to help educate your clients as well (guest blog posts, client webinars, and more).
  4. My mom said Termageddon’s the best company in the whole wide world.

Apply today for a free set of auto-updating policies.

Each set of policies includes an auto-updating Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer and more!

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  3. If you like what you see, refer us to your clients so that they get protected while you make some additional recurring revenue.

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