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We help small businesses avoid fines and lawsuits and stay up to date with privacy compliance requirements — And we have an absolute blast while doing it.


If you’re normal, you probably haven’t given much thought as to what makes a website policies generator great. Chances are, you’re just visiting this page to ensure we know a thing or two about privacy. 

Spoiler Alert: Yes. Yes, we do.

So, now you’re probably wondering how we got so passionate about improving the Privacy Policy process.

To answer that question, here’s a quick love story about how Termageddon came to be … yes, a literal love story.

Love at First Site

Our co-founders – Donata and Hans – happen to be married. It all started when they met during the sale of a website development company, and shared their frustrations over Privacy Policies during dinner. Standard first date stuff. 

Fortunately for us, the choice to talk about policies instead of Zodiac signs led to a match made in privacy-compliance heaven.

Donata – a licensed attorney – focused her work on privacy and international contracts law and knew first-hand the monotony of writing Privacy Policies manually for clients. 

Hans – former agency owner – hated the confusing verbiage associated with privacy laws, and the difficulties of finding a Privacy Policy option for websites that was quick, affordable, and actually comprehensive. 

Thus, in 2016, the first child of Donata and Hans’ marriage was born and they named it Termageddon (to the dismay of their mothers). 

Since then, Termageddon has generated tens of thousands of policies for happy customers around the globe. They grow up so fast.

Termageddon is for:

  • Website Owners
  • Digital Agencies (see program!)
  • Law Firms (see program!)
  • Small Business Owners
  • Startups
  • Non Profits

The Termageddon Team

Donata Stroink-Skillrud Esq., CIPP


Chair of the ePrivacy Committee of the American Bar Association.

What she does: Donata is the legal engineer behind the policy questions and text and keeps the generator up to date with changing legislation. She is also the host of the Privacy Lawls podcast.

How she got here: Donata is a licensed attorney and Certified Information Privacy Professional. She is also an ABA Representative to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, a member of the American Bar Association’s Science and Technology Council, and a member of the ABA’s Cybersecurity Legal Task Force, Vice-Chair of Program Committee, and Vice-Chair of the Privacy, Security and Emerging Technology Division.

Interests outside of work: beekeeping, morel hunting, gardening, and reading books about mountain climbing and submarines.

Hans Skillrud


Ex-digital agency owner

What he does: Hans oversees partnerships and business development for Termageddon. An educator at heart, he uses every chance he gets to educate web agencies and their clients about the importance of website policies.

How he got here: Prior to Termageddon, Hans ran a 12-person web design agency in downtown Chicago for 7 years, before selling it in March of 2019 to focus on Termageddon exclusively.

Interests outside of work: arduinos, metal detecting, fishing, wood working, and just about anything outdoors.

Thomas Whitecotton

Chief Technology Officer

What he does: Thomas leads Termageddon’s technical direction with a keen focus on policy generation, business integrations, and platform growth.

How he got here: Prior to Termageddon, Thomas held executive positions at SaaS solution and web hosting companies for over a decade. Coming from a Software Engineering background where he earned certifications from Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM, Thomas has built and overseen scalable cloud native solutions.

Interests outside of work: bowling, traveling, history, meditation, reading

Ricky Bryant

Business Development

What he does: Ricky manually reviews all of our agency partner applications, helps our clients understand how to use our tool, and provides them with a personable, welcoming experience while using Termageddon.

How he got here: Prior to Termageddon, Ricky spent time honing his relationship skills by selling commercial waste services, promotional products, and managing an office team of his own.

Interests outside of work: pinball, World of Warcraft, golfing, Fantasy Football

Trevor Willingham

Marketing Coordinator

What he does: Trevor is in charge of introducing new people to Termageddon and all the comprehensive, affordable, easy-to-set-up policies it has to offer (sorry, it’s a habit.)  

How he got here: Prior to Termageddon, Trevor worked for several advertising agencies as a copywriter. He then moved to an (at the time) startup called FreightWaves as a social media & digital marketing manager — helping the company reach top 100 of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.

Interests outside of work: All things motorcycles, teaching two beautiful daughters the importance of Linkin Park, college football, and sarcasm.

Darran Lewis

Software Engineer

What he does: Darran works closely with Thomas to continuously improve the user experience and performance of Termageddon’s policies generator.  

How he got here: Prior to Termageddon, Darran began his career at the bottom of the ladder and he eventually worked his way up to being the Lead Software Engineer — leading a team of four. 

Interests outside of work: Bowling, Playing (and building) video games, and continuing to learn about new technologies.

What Makes Termageddon Different

We combine comprehensiveness with ease of use and refuse to compromise on either. We’re dedicated to keeping policies up to date with the ever-changing privacy law landscape. When you choose Termageddon, you get the best policies available outside of hiring a dedicated legal service. 

We’re also the only Privacy Policy generator company (that we know of) whose founder and President is an actual privacy attorney. In addition to running Termageddon, Donata also serves as the Chair of the American Bar Association’s ePrivacy Committee, frequently chats with the authors and enforcers of privacy laws, and has presented at countless legal conferences on privacy law trends and compliance to other attorneys. 

We’re proud that Termageddon is the longest-running Privacy Policy generator listed as a tech vendor by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (the largest privacy organization in the world). And last but not least, we are here to demystify the world of Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers, and website compliance – helping people understand ‘it’s really not that bad!’

Why the Name Termageddon?

It was either that or Terminator, and was already taken. In all seriousness, we know that data privacy can be an intimidating topic, and we think a fun name can easily break the ice and get the conversation started.  If you like the name, chances are we would like each other in real life too. Let’s work together!

We’re Hiring!

We’re a lean, not-so-mean, policy-generating team… and we are growing!  Come take a front seat in one of the fastest-growing industries out there with one of the best tools money can buy. 

Passionate about online privacy? Come join the Termageddon crew.

One license, All the policies you need!

For just $12 per month (or $119 per year) your license gives you access to all of our tools, generators, and policies!

Privacy Policy Generator

How you collect, use, and disclose personally identifiable information.

Terms & Conditions Generator

A statement that details the rules of using your website.

Cookie Policy Generator

A Cookie Policy explains the types of cookies you use on your website.

Cookie Consent Solution

Properly collect consent from a user prior to putting cookies on their browser.

End User License Agreement Generator

Agreement between a software vendor and a user of that software.

Disclaimer Generator

Limits the liabilities that a website owner may be responsible for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you build Termageddon?

Donata was bored of the monotony of writing Privacy Policy after Privacy Policy. Hans was tired of Privacy Policies holding him back from launching websites for his clients on time. The idea came out over dinner when we were both sharing our frustrations with Privacy Policies!

When did you launch Termageddon?

We developed Termageddon in 2017, even before GDPR went into effect! And since that time, Termageddon has generated thousands upon thousands of policies for website owners.

What are you most proud of?

We are proud to have Termageddon listed as the only Privacy Policy generator vendor by the International Association of Privacy Professionals ( – the largest privacy organization in the world). We also love hearing from our clients that we provide the best online support they’ve ever received!

Do you speak at events on privacy law?

Yes, we have spoken many times throughout the United States and Europe. If you are interested in us speaking at an event, being interviewed on a podcast, or having us present an online webinar, please contact us.