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About Termageddon

Termageddon is a website policies generator that combines comprehensiveness with ease-of-use. Learn how Termageddon can help you.

Why Termageddon?

There are several reasons why people choose Termageddon…

Easy-to-use, yet comphrensive

We combine comprehensiveness with ease of use and refuse to compromise on either. We’re dedicated to keeping policies up to date with the ever-changing privacy law landscape. When you choose Termageddon, you get the best policies available outside of hiring a dedicated legal service provider.

Privacy Law Identifier

To generate comprehensive policies, you first must know what laws apply to you. It doesn’t matter where you’re located; what matters is whose personal information you are collecting through your website and what privacy law(s) are protecting them. Only after identifying the laws that apply to you, can you determine the disclosures you’re required to make by law. Unfortunately most other generators miss this critical part of the Privacy Policy generation process, but it is fundamental in Termageddon’s design. Termageddon first asks you a series of questions to determine what privacy laws you need to make disclosures for, and only then asks you the necessary questions to generate a Privacy Policy with the disclosures required by those privacy laws.

Cookie Consent Identifier

Aren’t sure if you need a cookie popup on your website? Based on how you answer Termageddon’s Privacy Policy questionnaire, you will be notified whether you need one or not (with the option to activate a Cookie Policy and consent solution for your website if needed).

Founded (and run) by an actual attorney

We’re also the only Privacy Policy generator company (that we know of) whose founder and President is an actual privacy attorney. In addition to running Termageddon, Donata frequently chats with the authors and enforcers of privacy laws, and has presented at countless legal conferences on privacy law trends and compliance to other attorneys.

Comprehensive coverage

We cover privacy laws in the United States, Canada, EU, UK, and Australia. We’re also tracking privacy bills that aren’t even in effect yet, including the dozens of privacy bills across the globe.

Simple pricing

Unlike many competitors claiming to offer a ‘free’ solution that ends up costing hundreds of dollars a year, Termageddon’s pricing is straightforward. A Termageddon license includes a full set of website policies (Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Cookie Policy, Disclaimer, etc.) for $12/month (or $119/year).

Our purpose

We’re proud that Termageddon is the longest-running Privacy Policy generator listed as a tech vendor by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (the largest privacy organization in the world). We are also here to demystify the world of Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers, and website compliance – helping people understand ‘it’s really not that bad!’.

Cookie Consent Tool (aka cookie popup) 

Our consent tool is powered by EU-based The tool comes with a cookie scanner that helps you identify the cookies on your website before creating the consent tool.

Termageddon Agency Partner Program

With one of Termageddon’s founders being the former owner of a 12 person web agency, Termageddon has structured its business model around partnerships. Web Designers can apply for a complementary set of Termageddon’s policies (free forever, no credit card required) in the hopes they love the Termageddon product and consider recommending the solution to their clients via the reseller and/or affiliate programs. Clients get protected, and the agency makes more recurring revenue – win win!  We provide web designers with free tools that takes the guesswork on how they can educate their clients about the importance of website policies and how to obtain comprehensive ones without feeling like they need to get a law degree to do so.

Termageddon Law Firm Partner Program

Cobbling together Privacy Policies can be a mess for attorneys, as each privacy law has its own unique disclosure requirements and multiple privacy laws can easily apply to a single business.  Hundreds of attorneys are now using Termageddon to help expedite the website policy generation process for their clients, keeping costs low while still retaining the ability to fully customize each policy to their desired needs.  And with Termageddon constantly monitoring privacy laws and keeping law firm partners in the loop with monthly newsletters and privacy law alerts, law firm partners get the insights they need to know to help their clients tackle privacy compliance with ease.

Termageddon’s weaknesses

There are reasons why Termageddon might not be the best fit for you…

English only policies (currently)

Currently Termageddon only offers its policies in English but does have plans to expand and deploy additional language support. However, website owners offering multiple languages can pre-register and we’ll alert them as soon as additional languages are launched.

Comprehensive = longer setup times

Depending on how many privacy laws apply to you, the generation process can take 30 or more minutes for the typical website owner. This is both a pro and a con of Termageddon; we’re dedicated to helping website owners provide the exact disclosures they are specifically required to make, nothing more, nothing less. “You’re either compliant or you’re not” is the motto!

Only servicing certain types of businesses based on location and business type type

Unlike other generators which offer the same solution to anyone willing to pay, Termageddon took a different approach, where we only offer their solution to website owners within specific countries (US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia) and are not collecting personal information that is regulated under niche-specific industries (medical information (HIPAA), financial/loan information (FINRA), and websites targeting children (COPPA). This can be looked at as a con, but it also speaks to our goal of offering truly comprehensive policies (rather than offering it to anyone and everyone).

Not a legal services provider

Website policy generators in general do not provide legal advice, and Termageddon is no exception. It is important to understand that in exchange for significantly lower pricing (when compared to hiring an attorney), generators do not provide legal services.

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