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Be a Pro.
Suggest Termageddon.

Make money offering a professional, easy to use policy solution to your clients.

Embed the code.
Collect the monthly revenue.

Every company’s online presence needs protection. Termageddon is the quickest and most comprehensive solution to having auto-updating policies for all of your clients. Set it and forget it.

We {heart} digital agencies

We built Termageddon with agencies in mind:
1. One dashboard
2. Ridiculously simple setup
3. Client access
4. Unlimited policies per installation

Free policies for your agency website

We’d love for you to partner with us! When you sign up with Termageddon, you’re not only giving your company a chance to make more money, but you are giving our company the same chance as well… and our kitties need to eat!

– Free installation for your agency website

– Bulk discounts available

To get started, simply register for an account. We will review your registration, and if you have a business email address that leads us to a great looking agency website, we will issue you a free installation for your business.  If for any reason you do not have a business email address, simply register and submit an inquiry on our contact page providing us more information about your business.