Pre-Written Email Sequence

Setup and send a pre-written email sequence to your client base.

Who is this for?

This page is intended for agency owners that want to set up and send a pre-written email sequence to their client base.  

Download the Sequence

We highly recommend you send this through regular email (not via email newsletter software)

We highly recommend you consider sending emails in regular email format and not via an email newsletter. When sending in regular email format, conversions average at 20%+ for agencies. When sending via newsletter format, conversations are around 1%. The video below shows me using a tool called which can send this campaign in regular email format to your clients (and they have a 2 week free trial so you can get the entire campaign out without paying anything out of pocket).

Written instructions for DIY-ers:

Using quickmail to send an automated pre-written email sequence to your client base.

  1. (video: 0min, 0sec): Set up a free trial on (14 days free – should be able to get entire sequence out within that time period)
  2. (video: 2min, 0sec): Connect your inbox.  Go to settings -> inboxes and follow the steps
  3. (video: 2min, 45sec): Add the sequence. Go to campaigns, add new, and use the copy below to set up your sequence (for more information, watch the video, starting at 2min:45sec)
  4. (video: 7min 12sec): Create a bucket. Click ‘campaigns’, click the newly created campaign, click ‘buckets’, create a bucket titled ‘clients’.
  5. (video: 7min, 29 sec): Import prospects. Click prospects -> import.  You will need a list of your prospects (csv format), with one column being ’email’ and the other column being ‘first name’. Be sure to assign them to the bucket you created in step 4.
  6.  (video: 8min, 40 sec): Set up sequence schedule. Click campaigns, then click the newly created campaign, then click ‘schedules’.  Define when you want the sequence to go out and be sure to assign it to the bucket name you created.  Done!