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How to Get Policies

Learn about the options available to you when it comes to website policies so you can determine the best solution to meet your individual needs.

Privacy law attorney

An attorney that specializes in privacy law will always be your best option for a comprehensive Privacy Policy. That’s because no matter how good a generator is, it can’t offer you legal advice. 

When looking for a privacy attorney, be sure to ask about upfront fees, how they go about drafting your policies (they should determine which laws apply to you before anything else), and their plan (and associated cost) for monitoring/updating your policies as privacy laws change.  

Unfortunately, this can get quite expensive, which is why many website owners are looking at Privacy Policy generators (explained next).

Privacy Policy Generators

Privacy Policy Generators are your next best option. A good generator will ask you very specific questions about your business in order to identify what privacy laws you need to comply with and only then will ask you the questions necessary to generate comprehensive policies for your website.

The best generators will auto-update your policies as laws change and are transparent about who is overseeing the laws (while notifying you of changes too of course). Unfortunately not all Privacy Policy generators are created equal.  It is important to understand the strengths/weaknesses of generators before selecting the right one for your needs.

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