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Why Talk About Policies?

Privacy is becoming more important, not less important. Therefore, more conversations are happening regarding people’s right to their personal information and privacy.

Privacy is becoming more important, not less important.

The increasing number of privacy laws (and the penalties associated with them) has caused more and more people to start asking questions about what they are and why they’re needed.

Even consumers are beginning to care about their online privacy more than ever before and even making purchasing decisions based on privacy.

Educational opportunity.

This is new ground for many people and it’s normal to be lost at first. Most website owners have no clue how or why policies are required by law. If you want any additional information beyond what we provide below, please reach out! We love talking about privacy and policies and would be happy to help.

New privacy laws are coming.

New privacy laws are going into effect all the time (three in 2024 alone) – many of these will require website owners to update their Privacy Policies with newly required disclosures to comply with these new laws. On top of that, there are several dozen privacy bills in the US that, if passed, will require new disclosures (or else face the risk of non-compliance fines or even lawsuits).

Fines and lawsuits are a reality.

Failure to provide required Privacy Policy disclosures can result in non-compliance fines that start at $2,500 per website visitor. The laws apply to massive corporations and small businesses alike. Make sure your audience is equipped to protect their website and themselves. 

Now’s your chance to get a competitive advantage.

As we mentioned before, this is a topic few know about, making this a good opportunity to establish your brand as a thought leader in the space. Knowledge is power; help provide education to your audience about this important topic!

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