You and Termageddon: a Match Made In Nerd Heaven

Being a web development agency is kind of like being the only male elephant in a zoo: everyone wants to be your partner. You get a million emails every day from someone out there who just can’t wait for you to refer business to them. That’s about as far as all of those partnership offers go, you refer business to them and they give you their undying gratitude until they’ve moved on to a more attractive and bigger elephant. So why should you partner with yet another company, especially with one that is called Termageddon? Obviously we are a bit biased on this issue. But let us serenade you with our large trunk of knowledge.

  1. We take care of our own. Once you register with our service, we will give you a free installation for your agency’s website. This includes a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and End User License Agreement with no charges or obligations. The agency installations are of the same caliber as we provide to the rest of our clients and update automatically so you don’t have to worry about new laws or changes.
  2. We’ll make you look good. We are sure that your clients have asked you in the past about getting policies for their websites and applications. With us, you can replace the deer in the headlights look for a direct and professional answer – Termageddon.
  3. We’ll help you beat your competition. With thousands of agencies out there, services and maintenance plans look almost the same between competitors. However, if you offer Termageddon in your services, you are sure to win over and retain more clients by offering an original plan that beats your competitors.
  4. This one is probably the most important point of them all – we’ll help you make more money. Our agency reseller program is structured in such a way that if you purchase multiple installations, you can resell them to your clients at a markup of the price that we charge you. You decide what to charge your clients and pocket the difference.

Therefore, whether you want to look professional, win over and retain clients, enjoy a free installation for your website or make money, Termageddon is here to woo you.

Protect yo’ self,

Team Termageddon