Duda Partner Resources and Sales Tools

Get everything you need to set your agency up for success with Termageddon.

Part 1

How does Termageddon help my clients?

Learn more about why website policies are essential and how you can help protect your clients from costly lawsuits and fines.

Part 2

How do agencies make recurring revenue?

Learn how you can boost your agency’s recurring revenue by becoming a Termageddon Agency Partner!

Part 3

Become a Data Privacy Certified Agency Partner

Take the data privacy test and earn a Data Privacy Certified Agency Partner badge to add to your website!

Part 4

Termageddon Sales Tools

Get access to our pre-written email sequence, sell sheets, and proposal addendums to help you sell Termageddon to your clients!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my client asks me something I don’t know the answer to?

Option #1: You can also use this client FAQ sheet to respond directly to your client.

Option #2: It’s okay to say “I don’t know, but I know somebody who does” when a client is asking intense data privacy related questions. Just connect us with your client via email or call. We can address any question they may have. (Hans@termageddon.com + Donata@Termageddon.com)

Why use Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, End User License Agreements, and Disclaimers?  

Check out our ‘why use policies‘ webpage.

Why should I talk about data privacy with my clients?

If you are building websites for clients that include contact forms, google analytics, etc, you may be forcing your client to have to comply with multiple privacy laws. Don’t make the decision for your client on whether they want to comply with laws or not. Be sure to check out our website policies waiver to help protect your agency.

In addition, it lets your client know that you are a web professional, and you consider all aspects of the relationship. Let your clients and prospects know you’re an industry leader!