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Website Policies Waiver

As a former agency owner, I never really grasped the gravity of this sentence: When you build contact forms and install analytics into client websites, you may be forcing that client to comply with multiple privacy laws.

And when you choose to ignore talking to your clients about the importance of website policies, thinking ‘my clients are too small’ or ‘privacy laws are a not a big deal’, you put your own business at risk as you are making a decision on behalf of your client without them even having any say in the matter.  It should be the client’s decision, not the agency’s, whether or not the client wants to comply with privacy laws.

Before you launch any website, protect your own agency by having your client first sign this Website Policies Waiver (see below). This is the easiest way to create a standard within your organization to ensure you document that you discussed the importance of privacy law compliance with each and every one of your clients!

Here’s a “pre website launch” template email you can send to your clients (don’t forget to select a waiver below to attach to the email).

Need to reach out to past clients? Here’s an email template to send to past (or maintenance) clients (don’t forget to select a waiver below to attach to the emails).

Looking for more advanced pre-written email sequences for past clients? These are available through our special offers (fill out the special offer form on the reseller/affiliate page).

Waiver options can be found below:

These waivers were co-created with Rian Kinney at If you are in need of web design contracts, SLA’s, or anything else you can think of for your agency, check out their website!

Consider utilizing WaiverSign!

waiversign logo

WaiverSign streamlines the waiver and contract signing process and helps keep your agreements all in one place. The team at WaiverSign is fantastic and put the Website Policy Waiver into a templated form within their system, so that you can quickly copy and send waivers to clients. Feel free to check out the landing page below and consider joining!

Email sequence

for current maintenance clients.

Rather than sending a low-converting newsletter (trust us, we tried), use our proven pre-written email sequence to get signups from your current maintenance clients.  It takes less than 20 minutes to set up, and each of your clients will receive emails right from your personal email address, alerting them of the upcoming privacy laws and the importance of Privacy Policies!

Email sequence provided in our introductory special!

Sales Deck

for prospective clients

Stand out from the competition. Include a sales deck on the importance of Privacy Policies right in your new website proposals!

Working on a new website in need of a Privacy Policy? Keep your launch date on track and don’t wait for your client to dig for a Privacy Policy solution at the last minute.

Check out the sales deck here (PDF opens in new tab)

Setup guides for clients – New videos (Dec 2021)

The videos below can help ensure your clients receive a step-by-step guide to properly set up and generate their website policies. 

Reseller agencies – Share this setup video with a client after you ‘share’ a license with them. This is a DIY alternative for your client to utilize and set up their policies on their own, or you can implement it into the Client Handoff Doc.

Send either link below to your client after you ‘share’ a license with them:



Affiliate/referral agencies – Share this setup video after your client confirms they want to use Termageddon.  This is a client DIY alternative to our complimentary onboarding service we offer for affiliates.

Send either link below to your client when you want them to pay Termageddon directly:



Resellers: Sharing a license / Handing off to a client


A key feature of Termageddon is for the ability to users to ‘share’ licenses with others. All users with access to the license will receive updates when new laws are going into effect, when automatic updates are being applied and when additional questions may need

If you are using our Reseller Program, you would ‘share’ each license with your client. Below is a link to a document, providing templates and instructions on how to hand off

Maintenance Plan integration

We built Termageddon to be easily implemented into agency maintenance plans. This is a great way to add value to your plans while showing your client that you’ve thought of everything! If you are considering integrating Termageddon into all your maintenance plans, be sure to email me at and I will get you a discounted quote to purchase a package of licenses to help clients already using your maintenance plans.

The link below provides copy to include in maintenance plans to help educate your clients on the importance of Privacy Policies while discussing the benefits of Termageddon.

View copy to insert into maintenance proposals

Small business privacy guide

Here’s a guide you can share with clients on privacy best practices for small business:

Popular articles to share with clients:

  1. What laws require a Privacy Policy
  2. Why do companies have a Privacy Policy?
  3. Why copying someone else’s policy is a bad idea:
  4. Why a static Privacy Policy is not a good idea:


Affiliate Display Ads:

Here are some display advertisements you can use (to get your affiliate link, log into termageddon and click ‘promoter dashboard’ in the top navigation).

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Renewal Email (for resellers)

This template is for resellers to send to their clients a notice about their Termageddon annual license renewal. Consider sending this about a week prior to renewal.

Many resellers have their clients set up on auto-pay, but sending this message to you clients can remind them of why they signed up with Termageddon in the first place and the value it provides them.

Change the wording to whatever you wish it to say! This is just to help jumpstart any effort you are making to remind your clients about the license renewal.

Here’s an email that you can send to your client: