Recurring Revenues

Which program will you use to generate more recurring revenue?

Read each program below, and then let us know which one you are going to use for a special offer!

Please note: you can use both programs! You can use the Reseller program for some clients and the Affiliate program for others! We just like to know which one you plan to use the most, and we will send you a special offer for that particular program (fill out the form below):

Reseller Program (most popular)

Buy licenses at wholesale ($4/mo/license or $38.40/yr/license) right from your dashboard and sell them to your clients at retail ($10/m/license or $99/yr/license). You can integrate the license into your existing maintenance plans or offer Termageddon to your clients at our $99/yr suggested retail price!

Most agencies charge an additional $100 setup fee to the client for the time to add the policies to the website. Be sure to use the ‘share’ feature so that your clients get access to the license as well as emails on policy updates.

“Copy license” feature – Building websites with similar technologies and functionalities? Utilize the ‘copy’ feature when adding a new license to quickly create pre-answered templates to help produce policies faster. 

“Share license” feature – Each Termageddon license includes a ‘users’ tab where you can ‘share’ a license with your client. This ensures your client can access their policies as well as receive future alerts about changes to privacy laws and when their policies are being updated (so you don’t have to communicate this ).

Package deals are now available! Submit the form below to get them!

Affiliate Program

Have your clients pay Termageddon directly while using your promo code. Your promo code and affiliate link can be found by clicking ‘promoter’ in the top navigation of your account. Your client will receive a 10% discount on their first payment (suggest to pay annually for the greatest savings). You will receive 20% recurring commissions on all payments from each referral. All of your referrals/payments/etc info can be found within the ‘promoter’ tab right in your Termageddon dashboard.

CC us! (complimentary onboarding) A huge perk to using the affiliate program is when you have a client interested in signing up with Termageddon, simply email the client and cc hans@ and with an introduction such as “Great! CC’d are two data privacy experts, Hans and Donata. One of them will reach out and help you get your policies generated!”. We personally reach out and take your client through the entire setup process. We then “share” the install with you so that you can access the embed codes right through your dashboard! This is only valid via our affiliate program. CC’ing us is optional, but it works very well for busy agency owners, because we do all the client followups for you. Complimentary onboardings are available between 8am and 5pm, Monday-Friday, central (Chicago) time. 

Alternatively, you can provide your client this step-by-step purchase/setup video if your client is more of a DIY’er (be sure to provide your affiliate code located in your account under ‘affiliate dashboard’. 


If you have not been approved to be an agency partner just yet (meaning you have not received the official partner welcome email from “”), please wait to fill out this form. This form is an objective within the partner onboarding emails and you will not receive the offer if you haven’t been officially approved.

If you’re an existing agency partner, you are welcome to fill out this form.  Let us know which recurring revenue method you are wanting to use, and receive a special offer!