How to Set Up Your Free Policies

Learn how to set up your free policies, courtesy of Termageddon

  1. Log into your dashboard
  2. Click ‘add license’, name it (recommended: titled it by domain name), add it to your dashboard
  3. Click ‘continue setup’
  4. Here you will answer global questions then ‘submit’
  5. Now, you are at your ‘license’ dashboard, where you can create policies specific to your business and ‘share’ the license with other users.
    1. If you have a contact form, add a Privacy Policy to protect your agency!
      1. Click the gray ‘add policy’ box, then click ‘Privacy Policy’
      2. Answer questions on each page, then click ‘submit’
      3. The embed code should be copied and pasted into the body of the Privacy Policy page within your website.
      4. Add a hyperlink to your newly created Privacy Page in the footer of your website (and on forms!).
    2. If you offer links to 3rd party websites (like Facebook, Twitter, etc), you should create a Terms & Conditions to limit your liability
      1. See steps above (5.1.1.), repeat for ‘Terms of Service Policy’
    3. (US & UK ONLY – COMING SOON FOR CANADA) If you offer affiliate links, you should add a Disclaimer to your website!
      1. See steps above (5.1.1.), repeat for ‘Disclaimer’.
  6. Upon ‘submit’ your embed code will generate. This is what you add to the body of your policy page. ONLY ONE POLICY PER PAGE (see reason why). Here’s a video on how to embed the policies onto a WordPress website.