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Hans Skillrud

Vice President of Termageddon

Here at Termageddon, we partner with agencies that design and develop websites by providing you with a free set of auto-updating policies and a way to make recurring revenue. We are always striving to find ways to help our agency partners with free resources such as templates, guides and answers to commonly asked questions. A lot of agencies do not have a contract for website design work that they can present to their clients. So we are making a template available for you. 

You should have a website development contract as it will help you: 

  1. Ensure that you are and your client are on the same page as to the work that will be performed and the expectations of both parties; 
  2. Make sure that you are paid on time; 
  3. Keep intellectual property rights that you want to keep and prevent your clients from stealing your work; and 
  4. Resolve disputes where it is most convenient for you. 

Note that we are not a law firm and we are providing this template as a way to show our appreciation to you. You should read this template carefully to make sure that it fits your business. You should always speak to an attorney before using any templates or entering into any agreements. We do not assume any liability when you use this template. 

Visit to learn more about our agency partnership program. 

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After you generate your contract template, consider using our SOW template for web design projects (also free!).

Photo of author
About the Author
Hans Skillrud

Hans is the Vice President of Termageddon, an auto-updating website policies generator. With Termageddon, you can generate a comprehensive set of policies for your website, and then receive automatic updates to your policies when the laws change.  When not working on Termageddon, you can find Hans gardening, beekeeping, fishing or taking care of his chickens.

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