Why is it important to use an EU-based cookie consent solution?

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Selina Setari

Strategic Partner Manager Tech Partnerships, UserCentrics

Why is it important to use an eu based cookie consent solution

The European Union is the world leader in data privacy law, empowering over 447 million EU residents with strong protection of user data based on prior consent. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect since 2018, meaning businesses and organizations have had several years to implement data privacy into online services, websites, and their data collection in general. 

Meanwhile, EU-based and EU-built consent management platforms (CMPs) and cookie consent solutions have had several years to hone and refine their products to balance data privacy and data-driven business for companies and organizations. This unique experience of providing solutions to the world’s strictest data privacy obligations positions EU-based CMPs as compliance experts in the growing digital economy.

The digital economy is slowly but decisively moving towards end-user data privacy, with consent and compliance becoming a key part of data collection. At the same time, consumers are increasingly demanding greater transparency and data protection from the brands they like and businesses they shop with. Disregarding the consumer demand for data privacy can be a risky thing to do, as evidenced by the latest special scan report by Usercentrics investigating GDPR violations on EU-based pharmacy webshops.

In other words, consent management is unavoidable for anyone who wants to do data-driven business in the digital economy. Not just in the EU, but increasingly across the world, as data privacy laws are springing up left and right these years, most of them modeled after the GDPR with end-user consent at their core.

The dim prospects of major federal data privacy legislation in the US, and the legal uncertainty surrounding data transfers between the US and the EU, add to the sense that consent management providers in Europe have a solid and accountable expertise to bring to a fast-developing market.

However, regardless of whether a data privacy law is consent-based or opt-out-based, almost all of them require that brands, businesses, and websites have up-to-date and exhaustive privacy policies, in which cookies and personal data collection must be transparently and granularly mapped out to achieve compliance.

Usercentrics is the market-leader consent management platform (CMP) in the EU, founded in 2017 and operating out of Munich, Germany. 

Usercentrics provides both a tailored enterprise-level compliance solutions for partners and brands, the self-serve plug-and-play Cookiebot CMP solution for small and medium-size businesses, and a consent solution for apps.

Built around unrivaled scanning technology that can detect and control all cookies and trackers on websites based on the managed consents of their users, Usercentrics offers to automate one of the hardest parts of living up to the EU’s GDPR (as well as California’s CCPA, Brazil’s LGPD and many other data privacy laws).

Benefits of using Usercentrics CMP with Termageddon:

  • Automatic data privacy compliance and consent management by Usercentrics CMP from within your dashboard.
  • Based in Germany, Usercentrics offers an EU-based CDN for customers who want to ensure that they don’t transfer data to the US.
  • Usercentrics is built around an unrivaled scanning technology that automatically finds and controls all cookies and trackers on a website based on user consent.
  • Termageddon’s automatic cookie policy is easily combined with Termagoddon’s policy generator for comprehensive data privacy compliance.
  • Usercentrics is WCAG 2.1 AA-certified, bringing gold standard web accessibility to its already unrivaled consent management technology.

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Selina Setari

Selina Setari studied International Business Development at ESB Business School Reutlingen (Germany) until 2020. After her studies, she initiated and implemented technology projects at Munich-based SEO software provider Ryte and joined Usercentrics in 2021. As Strategic Partner Manager Technology Partnerships she is responsible for technology partnerships on a global level and has a passion for business strategies that follow the Product-Led-Growth approach.

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