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Hans Skillrud

Vice President of Termageddon

At Termageddon, we’re always on the lookout for privacy-first tools.

So, if you are a WordPress professional who needs to manage multiple websites for yourself or your clients, you know how time-consuming and tedious it can be to keep them all updated, secure, and optimized.

That’s why you may need a WordPress management tool that can help you streamline your workflow and save you hours of work every week.

You also know how important it is to protect the privacy of your data and your clients’ data, especially in the era of increasing regulations and cyberattacks.

This is where MainWP comes in – a powerful, privacy-focused WordPress management plugin for managing multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard.

In this article, we will explore MainWP and how it can help you manage your WordPress sites without sacrificing your clients’ privacy.

What is MainWP?

MainWP is a free, open-source, and self-hosted WordPress management plugin that allows you to control unlimited WordPress sites from a single dashboard set up on your own WordPress website. This means you have full control over your and your clients’ sites.

Since the MainWP plugin does not collect any personal information from your client sites, you won’t have to worry about sharing the personal information of your clients or the users of their websites (helping you stay compliant with applicable privacy laws).

MainWP Dashboard Termageddon

MainWP is designed for agencies, freelancers, and developers who realize that WordPress management is more than just plugins and theme updates.

With MainWP, you can also:

  • Monitor the uptime and site health of all your sites
  • Create client profiles, and organize them using Tags
  • Perform security scans and backups with popular integrations
  • Generate professional reports for your clients
  • Manage content, comments, users, themes, plugins, and more
  • Optimize performance with WP Rocket and Cache-Control extensions
  • Track SEO, traffic, analytics, and more
  • White label the MainWP child plugin with your own brand details
  • And much more!

For a comprehensive MainWP overview, watch the video.

Data Privacy

MainWP is built with data privacy in mind; this is why it’s an open-source and self-hosted solution.

In addition, MainWP plugins do not collect personal data from you or your clients.

This means that you can use MainWP to manage your WordPress sites without worrying about your data being collected or shared with third parties.

Dennis Dornon, the Cofounder of MainWP, also wrote thought-provoking articles on “Protecting Your Data” and “Is Your WordPress Manager GDPR compliant?”

If you can’t tell by now, we’re big fans of MainWP. In fact, here’s what our president had to say.

“Privacy laws apply to businesses that collect personal information. Since no personal information is collected by the MainWP plugins, no privacy laws apply to the MainWP plugins. This includes GDPR, UK DPA 2018, PIPEDA, Australia Privacy Act 1988, LGPD, PIPL, and other privacy laws.​”

~ Donata Stroink-Skillrud

MainWP & Termageddon

If you manage WordPress sites for clients, there are many privacy laws that you must comply with.

With our partnership with MainWP, you can automatically create and manage the below pages on all your connected websites:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Disclaimer
  • Cookie Policy
MainWP Dashboard Termageddon

So if you are using MainWP, using Termageddon Extension for MainWP will help your clients’ websites comply with the latest privacy laws and regulations while minimizing the time and effort required for policy creation and maintenance.

Above all, MainWP web agency users get 2 Termageddon licenses for free.


If you manage multiple WordPress sites, MainWP could be an excellent choice for streamlining your WordPress website(s) management tasks.

With its privacy-focused approach, MainWP can help you manage sites securely and comply with privacy laws.

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Hans Skillrud

Hans is the Vice President of Termageddon, an auto-updating website policies generator. With Termageddon, you can generate a comprehensive set of policies for your website, and then receive automatic updates to your policies when the laws change.  When not working on Termageddon, you can find Hans gardening, beekeeping, fishing or taking care of his chickens.

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